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Hi All

In this blog I'm going to detail on Navigation from a list report responsive table to another app on fiori launchpad using parameters.

Here the other app may or may not be a smart template application. It may also be an URL configured in a Tile on launchpad

This blog details on how to disable the default navigation from a list report to an Object page of a list report application and enable cross application navigation using parameters.


  1. Create a List Report application and configure it on Fiori launchpad- App1(semantic object app11)

  2. Configure another application in a tile on launchpad-App2(semantic object app2)


  1. Open the manifest.json of app1

  2. Under the section configure cross navigation as shown below
    "crossNavigation": {
    "inbounds": {},
    "outbounds": {
    "toApp2": {
    "semanticObject": "app2",
    "action": "display"

  3. Create a list report extension (right click project->New Extension->list report extension)

  4. in ListReportExt.controller.js we are going to override this method(onListnavigationExtension).here"toApp2"is the name we have given in manifest.
    onListNavigationExtension: function (oEvent) {
    var oNavigationController = this.extensionAPI.getNavigationController();
    var oBindingContext = oEvent.getSource().getBindingContext();
    var oObject = oBindingContext.getObject();
    oNavigationController.navigateExternal("toApp2", {
    "anyParamName": Note this is the proprty name from odata
    return true;


  5. .Save and run.

  6. You will get the same carousel icon in list report page, but now it will navigate to app2 with the parameters specified in the URL


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