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Modern-day business demands a strategic integration platform to satiate the ever-evolving demands of their heterogeneous IT landscapes. SAP integration suite is your perfect iPaaS solution that offers many different services and capabilities, giving you a holistic enterprise-wide integration platform.

Built on  BTP, the suite works perfectly with both SAP & non-SAP Integrations. It supports end-to-end process automation, innovation, and business transformation by easily integrating your existing business processes with distributed and hybrid landscapes.

With SAP ending support of Ariba ITK by Dec 2023 and the extended maintenance for SAP PO by 2030, customers are looking to migrate to the SAP Integration Suite quickly. But migrating to a multi-cloud environment such as the SAP integration Suite has its own challenges.

Addressing Key Questions and Concerns

In most transition projects, testing is the biggest roadblock. Make sure you have the right tools, resources and expertise to ensure a safe & smooth migration. Here’re some questions customers struggle with: 

  • How would the transition impact my organization?

  • How would it affect my existing Integration scenarios?

  • Will my critical business process continue during the migration to SAP Integration Suite?

  • What Automation test tools should I be using to ensure a smooth transition?

  • How do I address interconnected third-party dependency during migration?

SAP Integration Suite Testing

The SAP Integration Suite Testing service offers an end-to-end managed solution, aiding customers in smoothly transitioning to a cloud-first model without disrupting their existing hybrid integration landscape.

SAP Integration Suite Testing can be used with SAP Integration Suite migration projects and continuous testing against BTP upgrades and connected systems.

What Are the Customer Benefits?

  • Seamless transition of interfaces through comprehensive, error-free testing

  • Short QA cycles

  • Faster deployment

  • Reduced risk & complexity

  • Quality updates & early defect management

Bottom Line

Migrating to the SAP integration Suite might be a necessity. But it doesn’t have to be a chaotic endeavor. SAP Integration Suite Testing Service can help businesses modernize their integration platform by moving to SAP Integration while safeguarding their integrations against incremental updates to BTP.
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