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Part 1 of Navigating Analysis OLAP can be found here

Data Task Panel:

In the Data task panel, you can add or remove a data source

It also provides a field explorer which provides a list of your data fields for analysis

Click on the Properties icon to display the Properties Task Panel

The Properties changes if you are displaying a chart

You can give the Analysis a name (instead of Analysis 1 shown here)

You can determine the number of columns, row height, highlight totals and determine how to display null cells

Click on the Outline button to display the Outline task panel which is helpful if you have multiple workspaces in your Analysis

The task panel will also display other panels such as the conditional formatting panel or calculations panel. Notice that the rest of the workspace is greyed out until the task is completed.

The layout panel displays the rows and columns on the Analysis Workspace

The Background filter is available for when you want to filter on an item that is not on the Workspace

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