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After you've generated your custom fiori application by using the SAPWebIDE you'll have a split view which contains a master and detail view. If you haven't generated your application, follow previous tutorial:

Generate your custom Fiori application with SAPWebIDE On-Premise using Gateway On-Premise

The SAPWebIDE will have generated something like this. A container "App.js" which will contain your master en detail views and master view and detail view:

Great that you can generate a splitview! But what if you want another view before the split view? What if you want a login view? Or a tile container?

In this tutorial I'll explain you how to achieve this. First start by creating a new view which we'll use as a tile container. So you'll have something like this:

We have a single full view and a split view with the master and detail view. Now we'll need something to connect the single fulle view and the splitview. Therefore we add a new view which will act as a container for single views. We'll place it on top of the single full view and the splitview. It will contain the "sap.m.App" component. This will enable us to connect the single full view with the splitview.

We'll use the "masterApp" to embed the single full view and the splitview. The splitview will embed the master and detail view. For the real connection we'll need to configure the router component in the "component.js".

To see how, just follow this tutorial:

In the next tutorial we'll see how to organize your project before it is getting too big!

Organize your UI5 project

Kind regards,


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