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During its beta phase I had blogged about a new innovation for Design Studio: Fast and Fiorious Code-free Analytics with Design Studio? - There's mySmartApp for That

mySmartApp is essentially a fully configurable UI5 analytical app embedded in Design Studio via an SDK extension that is aimed at self-service for business users, with a mobile first design. As such, it was submitted for consideration in the UI5 Top 5 Competition.  I was thrilled to learn that mySmartApp made it into the Top 5 List for 2017. Below is the announcement video:

And here's a demo:

After having received very positive feedback for mySmartApp, we've been working hard on incorporating the suggestions into the next release, which will truly take the immersive composition experience to the next level and get the user to the end result faster.

I hope you'll like it.  Stay tuned for more...
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