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Over the years I've had a number of discussions with folks around the progression of wireless networks for mobile devices. I love talking about the olden-days when I was working with the Kyocera 6035 (Palm phone – Brick1), or the amazingly beautiful screen of the Compaq iPaq with it’s PCMCIA sled and CDPD modem (and zero battery life), or my Palm device linked via IR to my Ericsson T68 GSM phone, or my GSM enabled Nokia Communicator (Brick2), and on, and on.

The discussion goes something like carrier based wireless networks have come a long ways over the years but… With the “but” statement I talk about how wireless networks still have a ways to go. Because of this you must build applications for mobile devices with heavy off-line capabilities for those wireless coverage gaps, or time on airplanes, or in basements, etc.

Well as of last week this “gap” just got even smaller. One of my wireless challenges was continuous wireless connectivity between my home in Boise Idaho to our river home in rural Hagerman Idaho (approximately 90 miles of mostly sagebrush). Just a few years ago I could only get ~60% data coverage and much of that was less then 3G. Well last week I not only had continuous wireless connectivity but I was able to stream Netflix the entire way with only a couple of periods where my LTE service dropped down to 3G. Wow, carrier based mobile networks just advanced a couple light years (insert shameless plug for my mobile carrier here).

It’s time to start re-thinking mobility with the real possibility of continuous connectivity and access to limitless data in real time (SAP Hana plug). These are some exciting times my friends. Even here in Idaho…

Bryan Whitmarsh | SAP Mentor | @bryanwhitmarsh

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