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1 Hello Excel – Set Cell value and different formatting options
2 Hello Excel – Reading range of data via inbuilt activity, look at Concept of Context briefly and scr...
3 UI Designer design screen for data read from excel file


First of all a Happy New year, every one has his/her learning list for 2020 ready(for inspiration check these brilliant one’s from here, mariusobert here and vitaliy.rudnytskiy here ) so do I?. The SAP IRPA of-course is in my to do list. So through the series of blog post I will share my experience of my trials.  As a first impression I found the SAP IRPA solution to be complex one as compared to the other solutions such as UIPath.

So that is what triggered these posts where we will go from pretty basic stuff to the complex one’s.  This will help me as well the readers in understanding it better. Where shall we start I believe excel must be on everyone’s list so thought of starting from here!

What we are trying to do?

In the very first post we will simply try to write data to an excel file cell and use different formatting options nothing much fancy, slowly the scenario’s will get complex.

Let’s Begin

Following this great blog post from vijay.sharma4 I have my set up ready and running. I would recommend everyone who wants to learn is to first complete the basic tutorials from here and then can do the openSAP course. Why tutorial first and then the course is because tutorial did not take much time and gave me a high-level overview and head start. I will say both are great resources, its more of an individual preference. The first time we opened the studio and the information was overwhelming so many blocks but no problem let me try to explain it via a snap shot

So lets create our first project which will update and format the excel cell value. Please do remember we have different options of achieving the same thing such as via screen shots, workflows or scripting etc.

The RPA provide us with in built libraries to interact with such as excel, outlook etc. So as next step we will include the excel library. Go to scripts tab->Right click->Include library script for excel->Save

So now everything is set lets design our first workflow which is nothing but sequence of steps we want to take. Go to workflow tab -> Right click Global-> Create new workflow-> Add a sequence type activity

Now double click the sequence and we will add our our steps from excel library. The first step is to initialize the excel and open the sheet.

Set the cell value. We will hardcode it for time being to RPA, in future posts we will see how to specify them dynamically via context etc.

Set the background color

Set the font size

Make it bold and change the font color

Save and Close the excel. Then add the end the excel step why…? So the excel running task in task manager shall be closed and resources are set to free

Press save and you can see the JS code being auto generated for the same.We are all set let’s build it and run it.

Final Demo

So now we expect a blank excel cell to be filled with value and different formatting applied.

What is next?

We have seen here basic interaction between an excel cell and RPA, in next post we will take it to the next level to bring the concept of context and reading and writing multiple rows of data. Feel free to provide your feedback!
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