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Last night we had a dinner at a restaurant, that is where the seeds of this blog were sown:) After we were done with the dinner, the restaurant guy asked us for a feedback via an app. That is when actually I thought about do we have something like feedback as a service in SAP Cloud platform. Bingo! we have it in beta version.

Source Momentum Solutions

So, this blog will describe in detail my experience with SAP Cloud Platform Feedback as a Service. We can also accomplish this feedback stuff via our custom Odata or XSOdata also but my intention here is to try & provide feedback on what is available in the platform.

High Level Design

A simple ionic app which will ask users for feedback and post data to SAP Cloud Platform feedback as a service.


So, coming to the implementation it is pretty simple and straight forward. All you need to do is activate the Feedback as a service under the SAP Cloud Platform -> Services menu.

Create a new application named as GetRestaurantFeedback.

We have two types of options available one is free text question where user can write anything another is rating where user has to rate the experience or whatever we want to. As of now since it is in beta phase we can have max 5 questions of each type nor there is an option delete.

Apart from it we have context attributes also which can be linked to the application. For example, someone is providing feedback via website, someone via mobiles you can store the source of the feedback also along with feedback.We can also see the data which has been posted to the application URL as shown below.

So, the backend configuration is done. All we need to do post data to application feedback URL via our frontend application. We have created a basis Ionic hybrid app for posting the data to SAP Cloud Platform Service.

Live Demo

What could be enhanced

We do understand service in beta mode that is why we have limited options available, but still following improvements will make the experience better.

  • Flexibility of adding/removing questions should be provided.

  • API’s to expose questions, options, data, configuration etc. should be available.

  • Somehow if based on configuration it generates a plugin which can be added to any SAPUI5 app or different types of app without any need of coding the frontend or backend will be awesome.

  • Enhanced analytics to be made available.

Feel free to provide your feedback. You can also read SAP Help for further information on this service. Source code for the hybrid app can be found here

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