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Dear Santa,

I think I have been pretty good this year. I have tried not to fight with my brothers too much. I have tried to think of others before myself. I have tried to be more tolerant of those other idiots - who are everywhere by the way. :wink:

So, if it's okay, here is my short list of some things I would like from SAP for Christmas

Downloadable SAPUI5 Runtime & SDK.

Thankyou for giving me one of last years wishes - namely the hosting the SAPUI5 and OpenUI5 libraries on a CDN so that those of us who live and work outside the SAP corporate network can get fast and reliable access to them.

But whilst I can download the OpenUI5 SDK to my development environment I can't easily do this for the SAPUI5 library. This makes it hard to do offline development of SAPUI5 applications. It also makes development a pain when I have browser caching turned off and the library has to reload all the time.

Not being able to easily download the SAPUI5 runtime makes it more difficult for me to provision non-SAP servers, such as NGINX, for SAPUI5 apps.

Combine SAPUI5 and OpenUI5 libraries into a single package.

Why do we have two different libraries for the same thing? Is it a symptom of bureaucracy gone mad or is it something else? A single library with a single code line has got to be easier for all - and of course keep it Open Source. If SAP have proprietary IP in the SAPUI5 library then just agree to Open Source it please. If the SAPUI5 library uses non-SAP IP that is restricted just get it sorted out please.

FLP to use standard SAPUI5 library

The Fiori Launchpad (FLP) is designed to use the SAPUI5 library that is delivered with the underlying application server. This appears to be a 'special' third SAPUI5 library! *Note - please change previous request to combine every SAPUI5 library into one.

SAPUI5 applications that are built to run as first-class citizens of the FLP have to use the same SAPUI5 library that FLP loads. This means these apps have to be written for the SAPUI5 library that is installed on the application server and in most cases an older version than is generally available.

If FLP used the standard (unified) SAPUI5 library it would be a simple matter to point it to the latest available and allow developers to build FLP apps using the latest available technology.

SAP to actively enable rapid innovation on ABAP platform.

The change management culture of enterprise software inhibits innovation. While carefully managing change in enterprise systems we also slow down the potential rate of innovation. Changes tend to be bundled into large groups that are implemented once or twice a year scheduled months in advance.

Rapid innovation requires a different approach. One that supports lots of incremental changes. An environment where ideally the develop, test, deploy cycle can happen in minutes not months. The people building SAPUI5 applications need this now.

SAP gets this - but they are doing nothing to help enable rapid innovation on their good ole' ABAP platform. I want tooling and strategies to support rapid innovation on all SAP platforms. How about SAP support for ABAP/Git integration for a start?

Thanks for your patience Santa. I will try to be better next year.

Your friend,

Graham Robbo

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