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In this blog I am going to explain how to configure the My Inbox Open Task Configuration using Transaction SWFVMD1.

Normally, We can call the Transactions of SAP GUI using BI_OBJECT~EXECUTE_DEFAULT_METHOD. But sometimes users may ask Fiori applications  when they need to check the relevant Fiori apps to inspect for approval or rejection process.

We can achieve this by using SWFVMD1 Transaction.

Steps to follow:

Goto SWFVMD1 T-Code, choose worklist client as SAP UI5 My Inbox.

Then, Choose the Task Container of your workflow TSXXXXXXXX.

Choose the Visualization Type as Intent for Fiori Related Applications.

After choosing Visualization type, Click Parameters Exist Option,

For Example, If the user's want to navigate 'FBV3' application, Check the Fiori apps library to get the respective Semantic Object, Semantic Action and Parameter-Value.

And then to pass the dynamic values to query, use the task binding parameters as like below.

Sample Output :



In this blog, I have explained how to achieve navigation using SWFVMD1 Transactions for standard Fiori Applications.


Sincerely appreciate any feedback/comments/questions.
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