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This blog is especially for configuring My Inbox App. These details are about to setup the configuration for My Inbox App.



After configuring My Inbox App from Launchpad Designer, have faced this issue in our Fiori Launchpad.

To resolve this issue, have to implement SAP Note 2348671 and perform following steps;

  1. Execute transaction code SPRO


  1. Click on SAP Reference IMG or Press F5


  1. Navigate to the structure and Execute Manage SAP System Aliases as shown below by clicking on the time/green check icon:

  1. Click on Create System Alias icon

  1. Now define a new system alias and change the Software version from DEFAULT to /IWPGW/BWF as shown below:

  1. Then Go to TCode Activate and maintain services.

  1. Click on Find option and search the TASKPROCESSING.

  1. Click on ZTASKPROCESSING version 2.0

  1. Check System Alias and click on Remove System Alias.

  1. Click on Add System Alias.

  1. Fill the properties as shown below, give SAP System Alias as you have defied in your 5th step and save it.

  1. Execute Cache Clearing Programs.


  1. Then go to Launchpad, load My Inbox App.




See the tile error has gone now.


Should you have any further query, please let me know how I can help.

Thanks for reading my post.


Muhammad Hassan Alam Khan
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