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Hello Everyone

With this blog, I would like to share few Unique things, My Experience and Views of SAP HANA Application (ASSOCIATE LEVEL , C_HANAIMP_1). I have cleared this exam on 20th June 2013 with 2.5 to 3 months of efforts. As I was having 3+ years of experience in SAP BI which helped me in understanding few concepts of HANA, but frankly speaking, you can learn HANA without any BI, BO, ABAP. They just add an advantage to understand HANA easily.

Registration for the Certification Exam :


     First of all, check the examination centers which are available near to you in Training and Certification Shop.

If there are no examination centers in your country, you can contract the PEARSON VUE  (SAP Testing with Pearson VUE.) to take the exam in your country.  I have taken the exam in London, so i just mailed to and they have done all booking to me. You need to carry a photo identity proof and you knowledge :smile: to your examination hall. Nothing much required from your end, everything will be taken care by SAP.

How to Prepare for a Certification Exam in 5 Simple Steps

Books, Materials & Links :

1. Well ! The material i have prepared for the exam are HA100 & HA300. It is very much important to study these material each line by line to clear your certification.

2. Apart from these material, i have practiced on HANA at cloudshare for 30days free trail one.  If you want to get the cloudshare hana access for 30days, please follow this document Get 30 days of free access to SAP HANA, developer edition . Later i have taken the hana on AWS (SAP and Amazon Web Services). 

3. I have registered in OPEN.SAP (openSAP) for Introduction to software development on HANA. None of the topics (Except Modeling) from opensap course were a part of the certification but this course helped me a lot in understanding the overview and benefits of HANA.

4. Reguarly visit the HANA forums and read the questions, documents, blogs posted there. Surely, you will get a great knowledge from these forums.

SAP HANA Developer Center

SAP HANA and In-Memory Business Data Management

5. Lots of other links which i have followed,

My Experience on HANA Certification

     Welcome | SAP HANA

The ultimate set of HANA related links from SAP

During Exam

After entering into the examination hall, you will be given a userID and password with respect to your registration to login into the system. Apart from the credential, you need to fill up a sheet which consists of your address, name to be appear on certificate , mail id, phone no.. blah blah blah....

Once you login to the system, read the instruction and begin the exam..

There are 3 types of question,

1. One correct answers.

2. Multiple correct answers. In this type of question,  it will tell how many correct answers are available and we are allowed to check only those number of options.

For Example, After the question in the NOTE they will display saying that this question has 2 correct answers.

3. Drop Down Answers.

In this type, you need to select the correct answers from the drop down list. The drop down list may contain 4 to 5 values.

Most of the question i faced are multiple correct answers (In which i have been asked where there are  2 correct answers) and 1 question from drop down type and remaining are single correct answer types.

During the exam, if you have any doubts or question or any problem, we just need to raise our hand and the invigilator will walk up to you.

80 questions and 180 minutes. Read the question twice or thrice, there will be few tricky questions asked, where you will be tempted to choose the wrong answers.

You are allowed to navigate to previous question and if you have any doubt on the question, you can flag it and come to it later after answering all the question.

Once you do the final submit, the score is displayed :smile: , The score is drilled down and shows your performance in each areas.

Hope you all get some information from this blog. :smile:

Thank You !

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