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Fiori Element’s based Apps development : Backend , OData & UI Modelling

This is the third blog of my Blog Series for “My experience with Fiori Elements: Custom App Development & Standard App Extensibility “.

In this blog, I would like to mention about the various important approaches / techniques, We have used for developing, architecting Fiori Elements / Smart controls based application based on numerous Business scenarios.

Many Different Approaches are Needed!

Yes, You have read it right, We need many different approaches needed based on the Business process needs to be designed and mapped 😊 Let’s see them one by one.

Custom Fiori Element’s Based Apps Development: Many different approaches needed

  • Fiori Elements à List Report/Object Page à Create/Update/Delete (CUD) with generated BOPF with active / draft persistence.

Fiori Elements with Generated BOPF

  • Fiori Elements à List Report / Object Page à Create/Update/Delete (CUD) (Not via BOPF).

Fiori Elements without BOPF for Create/Update/Delete

  • Fiori Elements à Overview Page à Navigating to Fiori Element’s based List Report Object Page/ Free style App


  • Fiori Elements à Analytic List Page à Navigating to Fiori Element’s based List Report Object Page / Free style App

  • Fiori Elements -> List Report / Object Page -> Extending via Run Time / Design time flexibility

  • Fiori Elements Fiori Elements à List Report/Object Page à Tree/ Hierarchical Report (Setting manifest. Son) for table type as tree


Standard Fiori Elements Based extension: Scenarios:

  • Standard Fiori Elements ->Extensions à Add Custom Fields

  • Standard Fiori Element   -> Extensions - > Key User Extensibility

  • Standard Fiori Elements -> Extension -> Extend Standard value help and many more

Standard Fiori App Extension via KUE(Key User Extensibility)


Standard Fiori Elements App Extension


Standard Fiori Elements Based app: Value Help Extension


Reference : Fiori Elements OData Services approaches used:


Fiori Elements App Development Backend OData UI Modelling

In this blog, We have discussed about the architectural view of various development / design approaches for the Fiori Elements based apps development. I will try to explain real time Business scenarios and respective development in upcoming blogs for this series.

Stay tuned for next blogs 🙂

#KeepLearing#Keep Sharing

-Mohit Bansal
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