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Custom Fiori Elements Architecting & Development Overview

This is the second blog of my blog series for the my experience with Fiori Elements: Custom App Development & Standard App Extensibility.

In this blog, I would like to mention few of the important points for "Custom Fiori Elements Architecting & Development Overview" based on my experience:

  • Development Standards, Guidelines, Best practices should be set for the UX Development.


Fiori Elements Vs Smart Controls Vs Free Style

  • Fiori Elements are most preferable, if not then smart controls with free style is preferable over complete free style development

  • Design consistency, development efficiency is great with Fiori Elements.

  • Backend Developers are encouraged to upskill and fully utilize the power of Fiori elements.

Highlighting Fiori Elements/ Smart Controls Features utilized:



  • Decoupled Backend & UI Logic

  • Utilized CDS with annotation

  • Complete End to End Transactional apps with Fiori Elements having Multiple Facets with Active and Draft Persistence.

  • Complete End to End Analytical Apps using Fiori Elements Overview Page(OVP) Dashboard, Analytical List Page(ALP)

  • UI Extensibility is achieved with Fiori Elements extension i.e., Custom approval actions.

  • Custom Smart Tree controls with Flexible Column layout (FCL).

  • Custom Smart Tree controls with Flexible Column layout (FCL). Complex Hierarchical Business logic implemented via CDS-AMDP table functions.

  • Validations/exception handling, change documents are managed at Backend/ BOPF Layer.

  • Navigation from Fiori Elements (List Report) to Free style applications.


Fiori Elements: Key Lesson Learned from my experience

  • Almost 60-80% requirements can be managed with Fiori Elements / Smart control

  • Backend CDS Data Modelling is most critical and important.

  • Maximum utilization of SAP Standard CDS/ Standard Value helps CDS’s  provided.

  • Upskilling Backend developers with S/4HANA  i.e. CDS annotations etc. .

  • Strong QA review process / Standards / Guidelines for UX Development.

  • Keep exploring latest SAP Standard Fiori Elements based application .


In the next blog, I will cover various approaches used for the Fiori Elements / Smart control applications and also i will try to give a perspective for the modelling done at UI and Backend Layer.

Stay tuned.


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