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This Series of blogs will give us perspective for using the various development Approaches, Architecting, Best practices and Guidelines of using the Fiori Elements / Smart controls-based Fiori applications based on my experience.

This blogs series is based on my experience with  ABAP ON HANA/ Fiori Elements from various S/4HANA Projects starting from S/4HAHA 1610 to Current Release, I have come across many Business scenarios and approaches which can be used for Fiori apps developments.

In this blogs series, I will try to cover below key topics & important stuff based on my learning so far:

In this first part of the blog series, I will cover the typical S/4HANA Project (on premise) Development scope.

WRICEF Development (Workflow, Reports, Interfaces, conversion, Enhancements, Forms)

WRICEF development in any S/4HANA (on premise) implementation have seen significance improvement with evert release.

WRICEF Type Few latest Features
Workflow(W) Flexible Workflow , BRF+ agent determination
Reports ( R ) List Report/ Object Page, Query Browser, SAC etc. instead of ALV based reports
Interface(I) Cloud Platform Integration( CPI) based integration with SaaS systems
Enhancements(E) AMDI BAdi, HADI, Custom Field and Logic app etc.
Forms(F) Maintain Form template Fiori app, BRF+ based output determination


Standard and Custom Fiori apps development & Deployment:

Technology vision is very clear: “Any Where, Any Computer, Any Device”, Browser is recommending more and more and instead of accessing via SAP GUI.

SAP GUI Vs Browser Based Apps

Fiori Apps development/ deployment is being the core and major part of any S/4HANA Project implementation. We have Fiori apps based on various UI Technology such as:


  • GUI for HTML

  • UI5 Based Application

  • Web Dynpro

  • URL Link

  • Analytics Tooling Based Apps (ex SAP Analytics Cloud Web Client UI, Design Studio etc.

In the next blog, I will cover the Custom Fiori Elements Architecting & Development Overview. Stay tuned.



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