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SAP Partner Service Delivery provides a range of pre-audit services in preparation for Partner's COE audit. Within them, I order the SAP Solution Manager and SAP HANA Test System Pre-Audit Check six weeks before SAP PCOE Readiness Audit to verify our SAP Solution Manager and HANA test system meet SAP PCOE requirement.

How to Order

To book this audit, check note 2253904 - SAP PCOE Pre-Audit Services - Partner Booking Templates, fulfill the attachment PCOE SAP Solution Manager and HANA Test System check Booking Template v2.1.pdf in this note and all techinical preparation needed. Open an incident to SAP on component SV-BO-REQ-PCOE, short text “PCOE Pre-Audit Service” attaching the completed template.

Notes: for question 12 of booking template if you do not have customer under your VAR, please choose NO:

  1. 12. Have you successfully configured the automatic forwarding facility of the SAP Solution Manager Service Desk to enable forwarding of Very High incidents for all of your customers after business hours?

For question 15, if you do not have customer under your VAR, please provided an internal test user for incident creation test.

  1. 15. Provide a user id of a end customer user. No password information is needed.

What to be Checked

For Solution Manager

  1. 1.Service Desk: Identification of customers for incident handling (AISUSER table is configured correctly?)
  2. 2. Support service window maintenance for automated forwarding facility beyond business hours? (For VAR with no customer, skip. But you need to know how to do it)
  3. 3. Customer user authorization?
  4. 4. Maintenance of customer’s productive solution landscape?
  5. 5. Maintenance of customer solutions? (For VAR with no customer, check your VAR solutions only)
  6. 6. Project Administration: Maintenance of customer projects? (Recommend to be used, but not mandatory)
  7. 7. Business Process Monitoring: Active business process monitoring for maintenance customers(Recommend to be used, but not mandatory)


  1. 1. Technical Monitoring: Active customer system monitoring for maintenance customers?
  2. 2. Root Cause Analysis: Availability of customer technical data for diagnostics?

Receive Result

You will receive result about the pre-audit service through email. There will be an overall judgement:

And also every detailed check result:

For check item which does not fully met SAP PCOE requirement, please fix it before the final SAP PCOE Readiness Audit.

Hope this blog help you prepare for SAP PCOE audit.


Ning Tong

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