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Hello All,

After a hiatus, I am choosing to share a blog on one topic which is innocuous.

FLP Content manager is an amazing tool for Fiori designer while configuring the tiles into custom catalogs and activating the underlying services.

Today, I opened the FLP transaction "/UI2/FLPCM_CUST". I chose to select a tile and add as reference to my custom catalog. While I tried, it showed that my Catalog is "Read-Only". I was neither aware of the option to set the catalog as "Read-only".

FLP Catalog is Read only

As an experienced consultant, I followed my usual pattern to resolving any issue:

1. Close all sessions - Restart is believed to be universal solution to all issues

2. Clear all caches - Cache clearance is believed to be the solution for all UI5/Fiori issues

3. Contemplate deleting and re-creating the catalogs - Backup plan

4. Fear and Panic at creating an issue when it dosen't exist - Self-Doubt

5. Finally the solution.

As I read many links, I found that Catalogs are defined in Customizing and Configuration scope. Another note explained the design decision to make catalog read-only while logon language and original language is different( ).

I also found that the FLP Designer url had the option to set parameter scope to "CONF" or "CUST". Also that CUST is related to a client and CONF was global to the system.

Finally, I opened the transaction "UI2/FLPCM_CONF" to find my catalogs available for modification.

FLP Content Manager - Configuration transaction screenshot

Now, I am ready to resume my work and until I stumble upon another issue causing more self-doubt, bye-bye.

Best Regards,


Note: The opinions expressed in this blog are personal in nature.



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