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Here I am just explaining the Importance of Groovy script in the Real time scenarios when we are dealing with Cloud Integration.

Groovy scripting is an integral and important feature of SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI). The goals of this repository are: Providing templates when you are implementing a new script. Easily finding Groovy functions related to the CPI topic at hand. Minimizing search engine time for common tasks.


Requirement 1:

Removing XML Tag from the Incoming Payload.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


Requirement 2:

Removing Special Characters from the Incoming Payload.



Requirement 3:

Concatenate of Fields



Requirement 4:

Finding out Today's Date


Requirement 5:

Exposing Current Date as a Future Date for Sales purpose.

Example: Adding 30 days to the Current Date


Conclusion –

Hope this document will help to beginners to understand CPI concept of Groovy Script.

Happy Learning 🙂






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