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Without wasting time on background here are my 3 wishes for HANA:

Wish 1: In SAP BW on HANA, when I activate InfoObjects, DSO or InfoCube, the system should automatically generate the corresponding Attribute, Analytic and Calculation views.

Wish 2: SAP Suite on HANA has an embedded BW. Allow the embedded BW to be the complete BW on HANA system functionally.

Wish 3: Implement SAP HANA Live functionality using SAP BW modeling and design principles

Now that I have mentioned the three wishes let me explain myself.

SAP suite on HANA, SAP BW on HANA and a host of other SAP products based on HANA have established SAP's lead in In-memory database technology. The competitors are busy developing their own versions of In-Memory databases. SAP HANA is a revolutionary technology and SAP has achieved major milestones by porting the most complex application software in the world to work on HANA. Performance improvements seen in BW on HANA and Suite on HANA speak volumes.

The basic HANA course explains the concepts of Attribute View, Analytic View and Calculation views. SAP HANA development guide describes the process for importing BW objects into SAP HANA native schema. It would be cool if SAP BW on HANA got rid of the distinction between SAP HANA native schema and BW schema. BW modeled artifacts when activated would generate native HANA objects where appropriate. InfoObjects with master data would generate Attribute view, DSOs create Analytic views and InfoProviders create combinations of calculation and analytic views. Transformations get translated into HANA optimized code.

What if ETL is not replaced completely by logical views that are computed on the fly, but only when that can be done without impacting performance. The virtual InfoProvider concept from BW can be extended to InfoObjects and DSOs. A virtual master data bearing InfoObject would just be an attribute view on ECC master data tables and "real" master data InfoObjects would be attribute views on tables loaded using the current ETL process. An InfoObject would be virtual or real depending on the complexity of ECC master data tables, with the goal being the efficiency of attribute view. Similar logic would apply for DSO's. It is modified to execute automatically instead of being scheduled in batch. Transactional processing is not impacted, but a version of update processes are continuously updating base tables needed to support analytic objects of BW. Instead of real time analytical reporting it would be near real time. A version of current extractors may do the trick. I know a lot more thought needs to go here.....

HANA Live is a great product created using calculation views only. Positioning of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Powered by SAP HANA and SAP HANA Live for SAP Busine... describes HANA Live for light weight operational reporting compared to a full fledged enterprise data warehouse. The same functionality could be created using attribute, analytic and calculation views, making the content much more usable for other analytic applications. Leveraging already available BW content and enhanced where needed is also a possibility. I find the following SDN thread very interesting reading on the difficulties of extending HANA Live views. HANA Live - Attribute Views??

Guide to Analytical Capability Embedded within SAP Business Suite - EMEA Webcast highlights the limitations of embedded BW in Suite on HANA. Holy grail of OLTP and OLAP in one system is so close.With a fully functional embedded BW on HANA in Suite on HANA, we will be there.

What are your wishes for the HANA genie?

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