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Hi Guys,

Most you will be wandering why to use mutiple PI system.Before joining my current project,I was working with only one PI system which was used to integrated all the different system.But there are few adavatages and features which will help you to understand working and features of Mutilple SAP PI system.


Some client doesnt want their system to be accessed or exposed  by any other 3rd party system directly or you cant get in touch with your client system directly.In this case,mutiple PI Box will solve your requirement.

Here,if we want to access the data from client BW system or their ECC system than we have to go through client PI system,clearing all validation,filteration and mapping.

Let me introduce mutipling PI concept.Before that let me tell you those you are new to PI world one basic information or simple way to understand 3rd party:-Anythings which is in your landscape or in your network are your system and anythings which is outside your landscape or network is 3rd Party system(most of times in my initial days I used to get confused with this :razz: ). 

CRM,BW and ECC of both parties are connected to PI system which is here acting as a bridge between your landscape and client landscape.Depending on what kind of communication you want from this system,you can make them one way or two way.But PI to PI communication will always be 2 Way communiction as both inbound and outbound interfaces will run.


Client PI system is connected to their SAP ECC,BW or CRM.As per the business requirement if we want to fetch the data from client system  which is not allowed directly so we introduced the concept of mutiple PI system.

Now when you want to connect your PI system with customer you should use proxy communication,It will help you to communicate with your client system.

Please keep in mind that  validation and filteration of data can be  done at both the PI level.

Communication between SAP ECC or BW can be of any type.You can have IDocs,File or any type of communication within your landscape but PI to PI will be PROXY only.

Suppose you have one interface which is outbound to your system.In this case you have to create the RFC connection in your system and same needs to be done in Client system.Any mismatch in details will leads to failure of this interface.And same needs to be done in case of inbound interface.

Fetaures of Mutiple PI system.

  1. Both Parties are well protected and no one can access your data directly without passing through PI system.Security is more.
  2. Performance and throughput is high as interfaces are checked and validated at 2 levels.
  3. Number of failed messages are less.

I would recomment that use of mutiple PI system is totally based on your business requirement.Most of the project doesnt use this features but if you are lucky and gets a chance to work with mutiple PI system.Please make best use of it.It will help you to increase your knowledge of PROXY(as proxy is widely used in this type of scenerio)and you will also get the chance to learn the UDF and Filter.  


Abhinav Verma

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