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There are several blogs on the usage and improvements of search and reporting in ITSM. This blog also covers a common requirement in ITSM search for better customer experience and ease of usage.

We provide the option of “saved searches” and the ability to share these saved searches. However, while one starts creating a saved search, in the status section they are able to see all transaction types and their statuses which are not required. This makes creating a saved search tougher causing confusion between statuses for different transaction types.

Please see below example – although we are not using standard transaction types and only one custom transaction type – we still have to choose between same status for different transaction types.


Let us now remove the statuses for all transaction types we are not using but appear by default because the standard transaction types are all active.

Go to SOLMAN_SETUP and click on IT Service Management on the scenario menu present at the left side of the screen to visit the guided procedure for IT Service Management.

Step 2.1 Copy transaction types under Configure Transaction types would list details of all transaction types – standard and custom in the system.

Please scroll towards the bottom and under the “Incidents & Messages” section, you can see all transaction types appearing in the status dropdown for incidents. Also, there is an “Add” & “Remove” tab.

You can select all the incident types not in use and ones which should not appear in the dropdown and click on remove.

At any point, if these transaction types are to be added back again, you can click on add and it would provide the selection screen with all transaction types listed -as in the below screenshot.

In our case since we are using only one transaction type for incidents, I have removed all other transaction types and my status dropdown looks much more simplified and easy to use. Also, making it much more easier for me to create searches or faster reporting.

Have a look ! Way more simple to select what is required.



Shabnam Ansari


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