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Hello colleagues!

Recently I've got an issue to provide users with ability to select several lines in web dynpro table without pressing Shift or Ctrl buttons.

Standard WD table doesn't provide this. So I had to do some additional customization and development.

At first I've set selection attributes of the table as follows:

Then I've created an action for event onSelect:

METHOD onactionselect.

   CHECK new_lead_selection IS BOUND.

   new_lead_selection->get_node( )->set_lead_selection_index( 0 ).

   new_lead_selection->set_selected( boolc( new_lead_selection->is_selected( ) IS INITIAL ) ).


In the second line I set the lead selection off, otherwise I've got a permanent selected row in the table.

In the third line i check if the row is already selected. If yes - I deselect it, otherwise I set on the row selection.

The solution is quite simple but I hope It will be useful.

Thanks for the attention!

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