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This Blog will guide you how to define multiple receiver and Xpath routing condition in SAP PI/PO.


To send the data from a single source system to multiple target systems.


This can be done by validating the input data from the payload (identifier to route the messages to respective target).

First you need to create the ICO and assign respective sender Channel in Inbound Processing.


Then in the Receiver tab, Select the Receiver components to which you need to send the data.


By selecting the condition it will take to the condition editor where you can add the xpath and give the condition as per your requirement.



As per below example, from the source payload if RCVPRN = R1 then the data will be sent only to receiver “BC_RECEIVER1” and “BC_RECEIVER4” (since no condition maintained for Receiver 4, all the data will be sent to this receiver).

if RCVPRN = R2 or R3, then the messages will be routed to respective receivers.



This brings me to the conclusion of this blog on steps to define multiple receivers in ICO using Xpath routing condition.

Please feel free to comment if you require any clarifications.





SAP PI/PO Consultant
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