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We received a requirement where based on one segment’s multiple occurance of an Idoc, we need to create multiple files as output (Based on occurance of a particular segment). Normally, in the receiver side we change occurances to 0..n to accommodate these kind of requirement. But, in this scenario, XSD used were standard XSD’s with occurance 1 and client didn’t want to change it in custom ways as receiving system is bound to receive one message/file at a time. Because of this situation we have to build 1 to n multimapping scenario based on multiple segments of incoming Idoc.

We are not using BPM in this case. Secondly, we are on PI 7.31 SP-05 single stack. Earlier we were on SP01, and we have got a lots of issue while doing multimapping for this scenario and find out that on single stack, if you are doing multimapping, it is better to have SP-04 or above.

Assumption –

  1. Communication between SAP ECC and SAP PI – Java stack are done (RFC Destinations are created in ECC and PI for IDOC communication.).
  2. All Idoc releated setup is done in PI 7.31 for single stack.
  3. Product , Software Component and Software Component Version are created and imported to ESR in PI.
  4. Standard XSD’s (OAGIS)for receiver side and Idocs for source side are already imported in ESR – PI.
  5. Sender IDOC_AAE and Receiver SOAP adapters are already configured with correct parameters as well as with correct URL and Action for SOAP.

This is an IDOC to SOAP Asynchronous requirement in which multiple xml data will be posted to third party system by SOAP receiver Channel. Third party system has internal queue mechanism to handle each xml data seperately.

Below is the development done for this scenario.


No need to create Message Type for IDOC or imported XSD’s. Only create Service interface for imported XSD for inbound.

Message Mapping –

Create Message mapping as per below screenshot. We have to give source and target message and then we have to change occurance of target message (0..unbounded)to get ready for multimapping.

Signature Tab –

In the target side of mapping, PI will add extra messages tags for multimapping like below.

In IDOC, VWERK field is part of repeating segment and depending upon that we will map target node as per below screenshot. Rest fields we can map one to one depending upon our requirement.

Context of VWERK like below.

Now create Operations mapping and change target side occurance to 0..Unbounded for multimapping.

ID Configuration –

Now create 1 Idoc_AAE sender communication channel and 1 SOAP Receiver communication channel. Once we are done with channel configuration create an ICO for Inbound and Outbound receiver and receiver interface like below screenshot.

Above screenshot shows multiplicity of operations mapping fo this interface should be  0..Unbounded.

We are done with configuration of 1..n scenario in SAP PI 7.31 – SP-05.

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