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For Ariba instance integrated with SAP ERP or S/4 HANA via Cloug integration gateway

"Is it possible to connect Ariba with more than one SAP system at a same time?"

"Is it possible to switch connection of Ariba QA system from SAP Dev system to SAP Quality system"

For those of you who have worked with SAP Ariba product integration with SAP ERP or S4 HANA using Ariba Cloud integration gateway ( CIG ), you may have faced these questions

If yes, then this blog will help you to find an answer.

# Update - In Ariba 2102 release - SAP has added support for sending Material/Product master from SAP ECC / S4 HANA via MDS to Ariba Sourcing as well as Ariba Procurement - IG-20158


In Ariba system Multi-ERP configurations is not used.

i.e. SAP Ariba system has either only one parent model or One parent and one child realm model also called as Single-variant configuration type.

This blog only focuses on SAP Ariba interfaces supported via Ariba Cloud integration gateway ( CIG )

*P.S. - Ariba also offers supplmental realm, however it costs extra , hence this option is not considered in this blog


Ariba ondemand system typically has a 2-tier landscape set up* - Quality instance and Production

SAP ERP on premise system typically has 3-tier landsca set up - Development , Quality and production


Business challange

Keeping SAP Ariba QA system connected to SAP ERP or S/4 HANA Development and Quality instance at a same time during the implementation and testing phases of the project.



For Different Ariba products you may have to apply different strategy for solution, i have highlighted solutions for 3 selected products SAP Ariba network , SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing suite & Aribe buying & invoicing

SAP Ariba buying and Invoiving:

There are 3 possible ways to solve this business challange for Ariba Buying & Invoicing:

1 MDNI – Master data native interface

This is perfect solution - With MDNI SAP has added system ID for all the transactional and master data interfaces for Ariba Buying & Invoiving , hence there is no need of any additional configuration in SAP ERP or even in Ariba CIG

MDNI - Master data native interface

2 Ariba CIG Custom routing

Deciding factors :

  • Unique master data - Identify a unique master data identifier that you can use to decide in which SAP system the specific transactional data should flow to.

For e.g. if a company code = AAAA then send Purchase order to SAP DEV instance

for Company code = BBBB send Purchase order to SAP QA instance


CIG Custom routing

3 Switching connection from one SAP instance to another

This is a workaround , using which you can keep one SAP ERP system connected to Ariba Buying & Invoicing system and once you move from one project phase to another , switch the connection of Ariba instance from One SAP instance ( for e.g. DEV ) to another ( for e.g. QA )

Switching connection from One SAP instance to Another

SAP Ariba Network:

In SAP Ariba network buy side:

  1. Configure each SAP system as a business application system

  2. In document routing , configure the end points for each transactional document

  3. In Supplier enablement , map vendor ID with different SAP ERP system IDs

SAP Ariba Strategic sourcing suite  ( sourcing & Contract )

For Ariba sourcing & Contract:

  • Master data and transactional data are always transferred to SAP system with SAP System ID.

  • Configure end points for Sourcing & Contract transaction documents under Ariba network buy side document routing since for document transmission with Ariba Sourcing these must be routed through Ariba Network.

This way SAP Ariba Strategic sourcing suit can be integrated with multiple SAP ERP or S/4 HANA without any additional efforts.


I hope this blog helped you understand your options and decide which one works for you based on decision factors.

Let me know your comments to improve the content of the blog , i will be happy to enhance the blog based on comments received.
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