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The Most common requirement from every client is, To notify upfront if any message failures in Production system. This is directly indicates about Alert email notifications from CPI to Business users in case of any message failures either due to data issue or connection issue. This document give you an idea, how to trigger alerts and email adapter configuration.

Prerequisites : You should have CPI tenant access.

Design approach: This scenario represents SFTP to SFTP and No Mapping involved. Here target application is SAP ECC system and file should be placed on AL11 folders.

Problem Statement

In our scenario, we faced one issue regarding alert email notifications. This is a pass through scenario. We got multiple alert emails for same failed message continuously instead one alert email for one failed message and also we noticed delay in alert emails receiving to mail box. The alerts are configured as part of development to notify business users and stake holders in case of any connectivity issues with end application during file transmission. It is a daily interface.

Sender application: 3rd party SFTP Server

Receiver application: SAP ERP SFTP Server.

Root cause:

We analyzed and identified the issue as the file adapter is not moving the file from source folder as part of Post Processing and CPI is continuously trying to pull and place the same file for every poll interval. Due to this reason for every retry, the message which is failing is caught in Exception sub process and alert is triggering from CPI. And also identified the Exception sub process is ended with ‘Error End’. Due to this the message flow doesn’t ended anywhere for deletion of file.

Observation: The Post Processing in sender SFTP adapter is not executed when we use Error End Event in Exception Sub process flow.

Solution steps:

  1. We aligned with source application for creation of Archive folders and maintained in sender SFTP channel. Hence file is moved from source folder to Archive folder for Post processing.

  2. Poll interval at sender SFTP channel is maintained as 1 minute

  3. Replaced ‘Error End’ with ‘End Message’ in Exception Sub process flow.


Error Screenshot for Exception sub process:


Since we are using Error end event in Exception sub process, The file is not moving from source folder and CPI is keep on trying to pull and place the same file. Hence continuous alerts generated are generated for every poll interval. For every try the message is failing and captured in Exception Sub process.


Solution Screenshot:

Error Event is replaced with End Event. Hence we noticed the difference, the issue got resolved. We explained Business users to follow Alert email and act accordingly.



Conclusion: Finally this documents gives an initiative for beginners, how to control multiple alerts.

Note : I am very new to CPI technology. Hope this blog will help for beginners
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