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karthik.kanniyappan  (the SAP speaker) is one of the product managers for SAP Analytics Cloud (aka SAC) platform services and he gave a great webcast this week for ASUG.

SAC Platform covers 3 areas:
1. commenting/collab
2. multilingual
3. scheduling/publications

Source: SAP

The agenda is shown above

Source: SAP

SAP Analytics Cloud platform services are shown above

Data point comments - be based on tables for analytical models
Widget comments are available
Discussions panel is included

Schedule publications - upcoming are - Q2QRC
- schedule stories, analytical apps to multiple different recipients

Multi lingual - support different language, different currencies, wide engagement of use

Engage more users, each and every user is collaborative in their own users

Source: SAP
2 components - what user has entered in form of visualizations
Could be text that is generated automatically
Data - could come across data sources

support live data connections with BW/HANA
user text inputed

Source: SAP
role of translator - role is a person in an organization that ensures text is supported across content
By default, disabled
Need to enable
System Admin - allow translation of content
Available on tenant

identify users in org who would be helpful in translating your content
Who would use translation feature
Role needs to be assigned

Source: SAP
mark it

In US - see in English
In Germany/France - see in their own language

First setting - language - product text, convert to that language
Data Access Lang - language for the story

Source: SAP
Translation process
In beginning - enable translation in tenant
Translator - once story marked for translation
Story is in English - text is in English
Marked story for translation
See SAC's app menu
Under that, see translator's dashboard- files that are marked for translation - select story, grab translated content
- SAP has translation hub, translate text to different language
- 3rd party tools
- tranlate to different languages
- multiple different files

Once file is ready, goes to translator's dashboard space, and import into story in one chart
See status in dashboard - fully translated, partially translated, based on that, it can be published

Source: SAP
Support translating user input text

Support data translation for BW live / HANA live data sources

For acquired data sources, do not support dimension members

Source: SAP
Translation dashboard

Ready for translation

Column called status - whether it is translated, partially translated

Story can only be edited in source language

Source: SAP

For acquired data source, in Q4/2019 - delivered feature to translate model metadata for dimensions - translate headers, as part of the model
Dimension members are not supported

Source: SAP
Model needs currency table associated with it

Source: SAP

Can move - import /export between tenants

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Question and Answer

Q: Is it supported in both Neo and Cloud Foundry environments or just Cloud Foundry?

A: yes it is supported in both

Q: Do we need to create a separate Xliff file for each target language ? How does the system know the target language from the xliff file content ? How many Xliff files can we upload for the same story?

A: for different languages you need to create XLIFF files - ending with different subscript files

Q: Is the Translation process for story very similar to an analytical app

A: remains the same


More screen shots with step by step can be found here
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