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Within the standard system, we are equipped with a splendid feature for workflow approval, applicable to a range of transaction types including Journal Entries, Supplier Invoices, and Purchase Orders.

This blog will focus on the specifics of workflow approval concerning Journal Entries, noting that the underlying workflow structure holds resemblances with slight variations for other transaction categories. Consequently, this discussion can serve as a blueprint for devising workflows across diverse transaction types supported by the standard system.

Occasionally, clients present intricate, multi-tiered workflow demands. This blog will address such intricate requirements and demonstrate how they can be successfully met.

Customer Requirement

Business need: Implement a 4-level approval hierarchy based on distinct threshold amounts in Group Currency (USD) for two separate company codes situated in different countries. One company code pertains to Australia (with local currency AUD), while the other is based in Germany (with local currency EUR). The following table outlines the specific requirement.


Workflow Approval Matrix with SAP Group Currency – USD
Matrix Amount (in Group Currency) Approver/ Company Code 3010 (Australia) Approver/ Company Code 1010 (Germany) Remarks
level1 Less than 10K (USD) Aaron Finch Manuael Neuer Approval required by anyone of approvers
Glenn Maxwell Thomas Muller
Mitchell Starc Kai Havertz
level2 Between 10K (USD) to 50K (USD) Nathan Lyon Jamal Musiala Approval required by all of approvers
David Warner Niclas Fullkrug
Level3 Greater than 50K (USD) upto 100K (USD) Steve Smith Antonio Rudiger -
Level4 Greater than 100K (USD) Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Tendulkar -

Solutioning for the Requirement

For multi-level verification of general journal entries, based on conditions such as threshold amounts, you can establish workflows. Each workflow can be configured with its specific amount threshold and corresponding approver.

For instance, if you want a Level 1 manager to verify journal entries with amounts ranging between 1 and 10K EURO, and a Level 2 manager to verify entries exceeding 10K EURO, you should define a minimum of two workflows and set up the key steps as outlined below.

In our scenario, we need to define 4 workflows to meet the requirement for both the company codes.

Most Important: Order/Ranking of the workflow must be as below:


Order 1: Workflow4

Order 2: Workflow3

Order 3: Workflow2

Order 4: Workflow1


There could be different ways to achieve this requirement, here we are trying one of them.

Note: for workflow level 2. we could have set sequencing for approver 1 and approver 2 by defining the step in the workflow. But that is not the requirement in our scenario.

Fiori Applications for Requirement Fulfillment

  • Verify General Journal Entries - For Requester App

  • Verify Journal Entries in General Ledger - For Processor (Inbox) App

  • Verify Journal Entries in General Ledger - For Processor (Outbox) App

  • Manage Workflows for Journal Entry Verification - In General Ledger App

  • Manage Teams and Responsibilities for Journal Entry Verification - In General Ledger App

  • Define Functions (Configuration)

  • Define Function Profiles (Configuration)

Crafting Workflows within the System

  • Step1: Define Functions (Configuration)

Creates functions that are assigned to team members so that they can perform various tasks.     Since we have 4 levels/ teams who are going to perform approval activities we need to create one more function as in standard we already have three groups.

FGJEV_L1: Group 1 for Verifying G/L Journal Entries

FGJEV_L2: Group 2 for Verifying G/L Journal Entries

FGJEV_L3: Group 3 for Verifying G/L Journal Entries

  • Step2: Define Function Profiles (Configuration)

Creates function profiles and assigns functions to function profiles. You can group similar functions for a business process in a function profile.

  • Step3: Manage Workflows for Journal Entry Verification in General Ledger

Here, we will be defining the workflows for Journal Entries

Pay attention to order.


Workflow1: L1 Verify JE: 3010 & 1710: <$ 10K

We need to assign two steps in each workflow.

 Note: You need at least one Verify General Journal Entry step and one Post General Journal Entry. If you do not add Post step, accounting entry will not get posted even after document gets approved.

Workflow steps

Workflow2: L2 Verify JE: 3010 & 1710: > $10K & < $50K

Workflow steps

Approval by all the recipients with no sequencing

Workflow3: L3 Verify JE: 3010 & 1710: > $50K & < $100K

Approval Steps

Approval by all recipient

Workflow4: L4 Verify JE: 3010 & 1710: > $100K

Approval Steps


  • Manage Teams and Responsibilities for Journal Entry Verification - In General Ledger App

Two teams need to define company code wise.

Similarly you need to define teams for company code 1710


  • Verify General Journal Entries - For Requester App

  • Verify Journal Entries in General Ledger - For Processor (Inbox) App

Based on the group currency amount, this approval is required by level three approver(s).

  • Verify Journal Entries in General Ledger - For Processor (Outbox) App


Notice Worthy Information About Verify General Journal Entries - For Requester App

  • This supports all types of journal entries posted from Verify General Journal Entries - For Requester

  • Post General Journal Entries App is not supported for this workflow.

  • You can create, display, copy, and edit a journal entry, and then submit it for verification.

  • It supports upload function for journal entries.

  • If you are utilizing workflows for journal entries, it is imperative to assign the 'Verify Journal General Entries' app and exclude the 'Post General Journal Entries' app from the roles and authorization of user ID.

  • You can't review general journal entries that are submitted by yourself.

  • Receive email notification when the journal entry status is changed. (An optional feature)

Business Catalogs for Workflow

You must assign the following business catalogs to the corresponding roles:

  • SAP_FIN_BC_GL_PARKDCPRE_PC (for Requester): Enables users to enter, store, and manage incomplete journal entries without performing extensive entry checks.

  • SAP_FIN_BC_GL_PARKDCPST_PC (for Processor): Enables users to post or reject submitted general journal entries.

  • SAP_FIN_BC_GL_CONTROL_PC (for Configuration Expert): Controls access to apps used to define the responsibilities regarding the approval of posting requests in the general journal entry verification process. A user who has a business role with this business catalog can determine which users in your company can approve postings in a specific company code over a certain amount.


Email Notification of JV Approval


Email notifications act as reminders for both journal entry submitter and processors regarding changes in the status of journal entries. To enable email notifications, follow the instructions provided in the linked guidance.

Setting up Email Notification for Verification Workflow | SAP Help Portal




Disclaimer: This article is intended solely for educational purposes. When engaging in customer projects or working with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition, it is essential to follow and seek guidance from the official SAP documentation available on for S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition.
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