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This blog describes how to perform multi-level approval in SAC using Calendar Tasks.


In planning solutions, the workflow is an important feature that’s always requested. In SAC Input tasks, a workflow can be configured but it is limited to only one assignee and a reviewer whereas multiple levels of approvals are often required in planning scenarios.
Multiple levels of approvals can be achieved in SAC planning using Calendar Tasks.

The following business scenario in this blog is discussed with 1 assignee to enter the budget values and 2 levels of reviewers.

User License Type and Roles Assigned:


License Type: Planning Professional

Roles: Planner Reporter, Modeler


License Type: Planning Standard

Roles: Planner Reporter


License Type: Concurrent - Business Intelligence

Roles: BI Content Viewer

Model and Driving Dimension

A Planning model has been created with Plant (Generic) as driving dimension containing Person responsible, L1 (Level 1 reviewer), L2 (Level 2 reviewer) as properties.


Steps for Multi-level approval in Calendar task

1, Create a Process in the calendar

Task/Process by Driving dimension cannot be created without a process. If the workflow to be configured is for a single task, General task can be created without a process. In this blog, I will be using Task/Process by Driving dimension with Plant as a driving dimension in my model.

2. Add the required common file

The common file can be included in the process or at individual tasks also. The context set for the required file will be applied in the Common file added in the task/process. The Context and Assignee and Reviewer in tasks since it’s available in the driving dimension corresponding to each leaf member. A task gets created for each leaf member in the dimension. The additional file can also be included in the process to provide additional information but the context filter will not be applied to this file.

Save the process after making the required changes here.

3. Create Task/Processes by Driving Dimension

  • Select the Model and Driving dimension.

  • Select the assignee and reviewer maintained in the attribute corresponding to the leaf members of the driving dimension. Additional reviews for multiple levels of approvals are added in individual tasks created.

  • Select the leaf members for which the tasks to be created.

  • This toggle button if enabled activates the tasks automatically at start time. Generate the tasks.

The Context, Assignee and Reviewer get added with respect to the driving dimension properties for each task.

4. Add additional level of reviewers

Additional levels of reviewers can be added using ‘Add a new round’ option.

5. Assign reviewers on this level

6. Activate the Process and the Tasks



This blog describes the process to achieve multi-level approval in SAC planning. Additionally, data locking tasks can be assigned to reviewers to lock data once approved to avoid changes in the public version.

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