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To be able to open the Administration editor of a system in diagnosis mode, you must be able to log on using the credentials of the operating system administrator (user <sid>adm) that was created when the system was installed.

NOTE: The <sid>adm user is not a database user but a user at the operating system level. Also referred to as the operating system administrator, this user has unlimited access to all local resources related to SAP systems.


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The SAP HANA studio normally collects information about the system using SQL statements (Using Stored Procedures and Views available in System catalogues) .

However, when the system has not yet started, no SQL connection is available. Therefore, while the system is starting up or is stopped, the SAP HANA studio collects information about the database using the connection of the SAP start service (sapstartsrv).

In this way, you can analyze any problems that may occur during startup or while the system is stopped. You can also read diagnosis files even when the system is stopped.

You can view this information in the Administration editor in diagnosis mode.

It is equivalent to adding "-v" switch to any Linux commands which is an optional mode when running a program that will display varying levels of status messages as it is processing.

The Administration editor opens automatically in diagnosis mode in the following situations:

● When you open the Administration editor for a system without an SQL connection

● When you initiate the start, stop, or restart of a system

You can manually open a system in diagnosis mode by choosing the (Open Diagnosis Mode) button from the drop-down menu of the (Administration) button in the Navigator view.

HANA Studio SPS5

Reference: SAP HANA Administration Guide

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