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I had to configure this monitoring agents in Oracle RAC Nodes to show information on ST06, I was looking at different SCN discussions, SAP notes and blogs and they are confuse an not clear about the configuration. Naturally you can automatically monitor SAP Host Agent information only if there is a Application server in the same server which is not my case.

So lets start with the considerations to understand the guide:

1. CEN host is on the first application server (erpapp01)

2. CEN User (ADMIN) you can change the user if you want to.

3. RAC Nodes (erpdb01 and erpdb02).

4. SAP Host Agent is installed.

As told before when I check ST06N/OS07 info the RAC nodes does not show any information about the servers:

To make this configuration possible we need to use sapccmsr to push the information from SAP Host Agent to a SAP Application server gateway (erpapp01 in this case).

First check RZ21 to add erpdb01 and erpdb02 into CCMS monitoring

In our case we are using ADMIN user, you can use any user you want. Of course you need to assing this role to the user -> SAP_BC_CSMREG

The same for the next RAC node

When you save the SAP Application server tries to connect to the SAP Host Agent installed on the server, you should check that the agent is running. If everything is fine you should see a confirmation like this.

Then you need to download the ccms configuration to execute the sapccmsr command at os level.

Save the file and transfer it to the RAC Nodes.

We need to create 4 files in /sapmnt/SID/profile.





They contain this information. Make sure this directories exists and exe/saposcol path contains the saposcol binary.




DIR_CCMS = /usr/sap/sapccmsr_db01







DIR_CCMS = /usr/sap/sapccmsr_db02





DIR_PERF = /usr/sap/saposcol_db01


DIR_PERF = /usr/sap/saposcol_db02

Now we need to stop SAP Host Agent using command ./saphostexec -stop.

Then we log as sidadm and execute this on first RAC Node:

sapccmsr -DCCMS pf=/sapmnt/PRD/profile/SAPCCMSR_DB01 -t

This log should appear.

Then restart SAP Host Agent and saposcol

./saphostexec -restart

Now we check ST06N and it shows full os information.

Do the same steps for the next node to configure the monitoring. Enjoy!

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