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               This document explains how to rectify the Job getting cancelled with error message "Logon of user <user id> in client xxx failed when starting a step".

This is more useful for the beginners in SAP BW.

Generally many jobs are scheduled by users when working for a client in SAP. The job gets cancelled with the error message "Logon of user <user id> in client xxx failed when starting a step" when the authorization of the user is expired or the user leaves the organisation as shown below:


In this case we need to change the user name for the job. This can be done by following the below steps:

Step 1:

In SM37, select the periodic job which got cancelled and whose user name needs to be chainged. We can edit the job which is in released state.

Step 2:

Go to 'Job' option in the tool bar and select 'Change' option.

Step 3:

Click on 'Step' button in the tool bar as shown.

Step 4:

Select the entry and click on change button.

Step 5:

In the following screen edit the 'user' field by removing the user name of the user who dont have the autorization and fill it with new user name.

Then click Save in this screen and change job screen.

By following the above steps, the job will run sucessfully from next run onwards.

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