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This is part of what I’ve taken away from the online TechEd session RDP203 about „Enhanced Support for SAP Netweaver BW powered by Hana and mixed scenarios“.

Common modeling tools

With the release of SAP BW HANA SP5/6 there will be a unified and simplified modeling environment. Release 7.40 SP5 is now about 6 weeks away. The eclipse HANA studio modeler will have a business warehouse tab which allows to create business warehouse objects. Those will be created in the ABAP dictionary and build the elements on the HANA side. You’ll also be able to see all the other applications on HANA but you can also still continue to develop in the SAP GUI environment.

The main focus is a smarter and simpler modeling process that also allows to reduce the complexity of the EDW landscape on BW side.


Query Designer

Also according to storm.archer, SAP BW Product management,  most likely with SP7 the eclipse modeler will contain a new native

Query Designer. Personally I think this is going to be exciting but not planned before June 2014 as this is the release date for SP7.

You can change or create your current existing queries in the eclipse based environment and the two query designer (eclipse and sap gui
bi add-on) work side by side. It looks like the Query Designer will require one or more further SP’s to provide the full functionalities which will be gradually included. The first release will have hierarchies and restricted key figures features in it.


Generate automatic HANA models.

There is an enhanced interoperability of metadata between BW and HANA. This allows you to generate the HANA view for the HANA modeling tool based on the BW model which then can be consumed with SAP Lumira etc. The analysis authorization objects needs to be enhanced and various elements need to be added in order to ensure security is working.

HANA Analysis Process

The former known Analysis Process Designer (APD)  is replaced with the HANA Analysis Process which has a lot of native functions included. Functions like weighted score, exponential smoothing etc. which are only possible on HANA by pushing the function down to the appliance  is not required if you switch to BW on HANA. The APD functions will remain.

I hope I understood this all correctly and otherwise I’m happy about your comments and clarifications. 

All screenshots belong to SAP and the usual disclaimer applies things are subject to change.

SOURCE Enhanced Support for SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA and Mixed Scenarios | SAP TechEd Online

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