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This document is prepared based on SAP HANA Version SPS05 Revision 47.

While creating the information views (Attribute/Analytic/Calculation) in the name field we will give the name of the view. By default it accepts the name in uppercase only, even your keyboard caps lock in on/off.


Can we have the name of information view in mixed case (combination of both upper and/or lowercase)? As usual the answer is Yes but with small setting.

Go to menu Windows -> Preferences -> Expand Modeler -> Select Case Restriction.

By default the checkbox is ticked for "Model name in uppercase". This restricts the model to accept name in uppercase only irrespective of your keyboard caps lock is on/off.


To allow mixed or lowercase, uncheck this box, click apply and ok and try again naming your model. This time it accepts the way you type it.


Similarly it applies to naming Analytic privileges and Procedures.

For packages it always accept name in lowercase and for Decision Table always in uppercase only and no setting yet available to name in mixed case.

Thank You.

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