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    Standard Design Studio analytic components such as chart and crosstab do support of drill downs along a hierarchy. Drill Down functionality can be modeled a number of different ways. In any case, drill down implementation should meet following requirement:

  • intuitive user interface;
  • convenience of use;
  • consistent look with other components.

In my drill down implementation I tried to meet all the requirements mentioned above.

I created an analytical application that uses SFLIGHT data model data and drill downs along following hierarchy Carrier -> Airplane Type -> Flight.

If user clicks on Carrier, then data is filtered by selected Carrier, drill downs changes to Airplane Type.

Selected Carrier is displayed in custom built Filter Line.

If user clicks on Plane Type, then data is filtered by selected Plane Type and drill down is changed to Flight.

Selected Airplane Type is displayed in custom built Filer Line.

Filter Line displays not only filter values, but also drill down level.

Filter Line allows to navigate one level up by clicking on Airplane Type tile cross icon.

Filter Line also allows quickly navigate all way to the top of the hierarchy clicking on Carrier tile cross icon.

Attached is an exported model (change extension to zip prior to importing)

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