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I found this guide to Formulating and Implementing Your Enterprise Mobility Strategy, well worth reading.

Let me start with an excellent quote from the guide:

"Mobile is so important; put your best people on mobile. If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you are no longer relevant."

Eric Schmidt, Former CEO and current Executive Chairman, Google.

New business opportunities and challengers are being brought about by the flood of new mobile technology and the rapidity with which it is changing.

Customers now expect to have access to products and services from anywhere, via both the web and apps, using the device of their choosing to interact and transact. Mobile workers look to mobile solutions to help them be more productive and efficient.



The mobile strategy policy rulebook is someting every enterprise needs for both its long term goals and short-term objectives.


You need to determine what the overall goals are and the business objectives within the organisation.


The key target groups need to be identified and new processes clarified that bring have the highest potential for improvement using mobile technology.


It’s an understatement to say that technology plays an important role in an Enterprise Mobility Strategy. But the real challenge is keeping ahead of the technology changes in the mobile arena. An effective strategy needs to involve a process that can deal with unavoidable and constant movement in the industry. It requires an integrated approach for your software, hardware, and communication plans so that the needs of your organization and


Management processes need to be clear and comprehensive for a successful mobile strategy.


Lastly your stragegy needs the key performance indicator (KPI's) to be found and measured.


Guide can be found on this web page: Mobile-strategy-be-in-control

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