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The best bits on Mobility from the TechEd 2012 in Las Vegas:

1. SAP Mobility Platform. This appears to me to just be mainly a marketing term. Technically it appears to be a merger of SUP server and the Syclo Agentry server, possibly some things are merged like the administration panel ? But under the hood its probably still three servers - A SUP replication server (Mobilink), a SUP messaging server (Moca) and a Agentry server. Having said that, if it easier to load, administer and licence - then horray :smile:

2. MOB264 - Using Appcelerator Titanium and SAP mobile platform. Brilliant hands on session which shows how you can use SUP 2.2 and the Appcelerator product a briliant merger of products :smile: . Its a shame there is no recording of this session.

3. MOB261 - Building mobile Apps on SAP Mobile Platform with PhoneGap, Sencha and HTML5. Again another brilliant hands on session, the best bit for me was when we took a workflow app and removed the jQueryMobile HTML5 code and replaced it with Sencha code :smile: . Shows how flexable the HWC (Hybrid web container) is :smile:

4. MOB116 - Backprop approach to Mobility by the IBM team. This was a suprisingly good session where Parag Karkhanis and Matthew Schwartz did a two man act describing how IBM do a five day analysis session with their Customers before going to POC. Its a shame there is no recording of this session. Here are some of the nuggets from the session.

- Speed, adaption and collaboration can only occur in an environment specifically tailored to be conducive for the same. This means address Resource, Technology as well as Processes.

o Resources - Focus your best resources in Innovation. - Consider Resourcing alternatives - Crowd Sourcing.

o Technology - Plan for a Short Technology Lifecycle - Avoid Technology Fixations.

o Processes - Be open to Process reinvention - Incubate as you Innovate - Continuously seek feedback - Adopt Incremental Deployment

- Now that you have setup a conducive atmosphere, the way you manage the project also needs to be

o Discover - Use journey mapping - Use collaborative workshops to extract ideas.

o Design - Continuous feedback and rapid prototyping (iRise) - Mobility Training = oxymoron.

o Develop - Iterate, iterate, iterate - Ergonomics in Mobility.

o Deploy - Ratify full lifecycle management first - Consider continuious deployment.

- A collaborative workshop with thought provoking questions that iteratively guides one to the optimal Mobility Strategy.

o Strategy - Who currently ownes Mobility? - What is the number of Mobile Online transactions ? Mobile web hits ? - Do current/future business processes require mobile enablement ? - Do you know what devices your customer is using ? - Who manges Mobile devices ? - Does everyone get access via mobile devices ?

o Device management - How do you grant access to devices ? What do you do when a device is lost ? How do you track them ? - Does your end-user pay a portion for the device ? - Does procurement have a standard device agreement with your vendor/supplier ? - What types of devices are you currently supporting? Plan to support? - What types of devices are you currently supporting ? plan to support ? - How do you tell what OS version you need ?

o Application architecture - Do any of your applications provide mobility as they provide integration out of the box ? - Does your aplication architecture support mobility ? Do you have Mobile Usability guidelines ? - Do your Enterprise Apps require additional licenses for mobile users ? - Will your apps behave the same on all supported mobile devices ?

o System Landscape - How many concurrent web users do you support ? - Have you established mobile transaction performance thresholds ? - Can you push data to the device ? - Can your devices access corportae data ? - Can your systems tell you who is accessing your applications ? Track number of mobile users ? - Do you seperate data accessible via mobile ?

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