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Business Insider released an eye-opening report recently that proves social media commerce is something you just can’t get away from, no matter how many times you try. Social media sites are becoming marketplaces.

Across the board, the web’s popular social hangouts are turning into potential sales points. Liking and sharing posts is becoming the first step in the transaction process. The numbers aren’t yet huge, and many people still have a preference for brick-and-mortar stores, but being able to make a purchase after just a few taps or clicks is becoming more and more attractive to more and more people, and retailers are taking note.

Mobility is the key for social commerce, just as it is for so many other business areas lately. “Overall, mobile accounts for just under 40% of time spent on social media. Facebook has passed the 50% mobile usage mark and Pinterest is at 48%. Together, they combine for over 56% of social generated e-commerce at the moment.”

It’s an important trend and one that should be watched closely by enterprise. Having access to your products and services on mobile, especially through social media, drastically increases the chances of a purchase: interested parties will do your advertising work for you.

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