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Dear Mobile Group at SAP,

here is your challenge for 2014...

If I visit from my PC, I see this in the PC's web browser:


If I visit from my Smart Phone, I see this in the Smart Phone browser:


Another example, if I go to from my PC, I see this in the PC's browser:


If I visit from my Smart Phone, I see this in the Smart Phone's browser:


Now, let's look at browser based applications from the world's largest Enterprise software company, SAP.

If I go for example to Solution Manager WorkCenter on my PC, I see this in the PC's browser:


If I go to SolMan WorkCenter on my Smart Phone, it looks like this in the Smart Phone's browser:


Oh, it's the same page 😞

Why is it so difficult, for SAP to cherry pick across the whole product suite, beginning with Managers as Users,

the most useful scenarios which are already web enabled in ABAP WebDynPro and write the mobile website

version, and have SICF services for mobile devices serving mobile web pages, and react to the incoming

request's User Agent ?

Why do we have to have, GateWay, Fiori, Apps from the AppleStore, etc ?

For the connected scenario only, for Manager's only, why, in December 2013, haven't SAP already started

cherry picking the most useful connected scenario for Managers and enabling them for the Smart Phone ?

If Ebay and Amazon can figure it out, why can't SAP ?  Ebay and Amazon don't say to me, sorry Mr Silvey,

you need to install GateWay, Fiori, and download apps from the Apple Store.

SAP need to wake up a bit on this, because the next generation of Managers are the Millenials, and they are

expecting the Amazon / Ebay scenario, websites which work on a PC should also work on a Smart Phone, ie

as Mobile Websites.

I don't see why SAP are procrastinating on this for so long, it's an easy one to fix, and here's how to do it:

     . Put together a Team

     . Focus on the Manager's connected business scenarios - scenarios for the Manager walking from meeting

     to meeting, or even, the Manager on-call over the weekend who is in the Park and has 3G/4G and VPN on

     his/her Smart Phone

     . Across the whole Business Suite, I mean, FI, CRM, BI, HR, SolMan, etc, cherry pick a list of the ABAP

     WebDynPro Website based applications which will be the candidates for the first round of connected

     scenario, Smart Device enablement, ie, mobile Website versions (I don't mean Smart Phone apps here)

     . Write the handler in the ABAP ICM for filtering based upon request's User Agent

     . Write the Smart Device friendly version of the Website based applications as Mobile Websites in ABAP

     WebDynPro. Please don't say it's not possible, if you want some tips on how and what to take from a PC's

     website version and make available on the SmartPhone mobile Website version, then just go compare on

     Ebay and Amazon

     . Then publish the ABAP WebDynPro mobile Website scenarios as part of the next EHP upgrade

     . That's the foundation, and then, simply, based upon the success, and believe me, it will be a huge success,

     just extend the portfolio

     . Simples

The Customers will win because they will be able to have Smart Phone access while leveraging existing investment.

Infact, Customers will be really happy.

If they have a Portal, entry point will be the Portal, and voila, job done.

Is it so difficult ?

All the best for 2014,

Andy Silvey.


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