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Sometimes we have to ask ourselves that what is the biggest thing that scares us, and makes us unprepared for the battle ahead? What is so daunting that it can render all of our tools useless. The very thing we call "unknown". Imagine a world or a mining industry digging up minerals or general necessities without actually knowing a risk or having a proper map. Because what we learned all our lives "planning is half the battle" would prove useless without a proper map.


On this very note my imagination comes in, in a shape of almost tennis ball shaped drone that can effectively map with it's 360 degree of view and smart sensors. Imagine digging up a hole in a cave, suppose you don not yet know how the cave may be mapped like, but with this round shaped device you can actually map the whole cave effectively with 3 dimensional visuals which will help to understand the path ahead of the people. The drones will be shaped round for its 360 degree angle and for efficiency of work, which will hover around on a minimum height of 5 feet 11 inches from the ground, and will have smart scanners all around it. The smart scanner would also be able to recognize important elements, valuable minerals, Through a face recognition system it would also be able to identify the employees and non authorized personnel.  The drones will also recognize obstacles so that it does not get bashed around much, and make its way around the whole place giving away a complete 3 dimensional map and potential threats ahead(if any), such as, low oxygen levels, severe heat, close to a radioactive area etc. This drone also will come with a smart visor which will allow the machine to operate on a different level of significance, because then, it would also be able to read the vitals of human beings. I call the drone, "Mapper"


Advantages to be derived:


1. Knowing about the potential area

2. Making search easier by sending the drones

3. Knowing about valuable minerals to be found just by scanning and not by physically being there

4. The drones can also recognize if an employee needs help through its smart visor which will allow it to read a person't vitals and indicate the dangers.

5. Constant monitoring and 3D maps would help to execute plans of mining more efficient and fast. If this plan can get carried out properly the mining industry would rocket through the roof since they would be working with  the most efficient and and effective system of all time.

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