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Blogs are meant to express your thoughts and pull the readers towards your ideas. But in countries like India, where population and illiteracy is at its heights, it’s not easy for a blogger to have a wider reach if he relies completely on his art of using words. And when visualization tools like SAP LUMIRA are available, it’s time for the bloggers to prove their point not just with the power of words but also with statistical proofs and eye catching visualizations.


A need to revolutionize mining in India is presented here with analysis using SAP LUMIRA. The facts presented in this blog are collected from the official Government of India website and the Indian Bureau of Mines website I have also made my LUMIRA story public at



Mining provides the building blocks for human development and its distribution varies both in content and quantity. An analysis of distribution of mineral resources and mining leases across the country.




No country is self-reliable in all resources. Export-import is a means to fulfill the needs of all partners involved in a trade. Though it is necessary to import goods that the country is deficient in, efforts can be made for the use of ingenious resources than importing.




Mining is a hazardous profession. Government must strive to bring down the hazards by all available means. It’s disheartening to find how the funds set apart for the safety of people working in mines, is never fully utilized. And the reason for this lies in the Indian political system, with corruption taking deep roots. The death of innocent mine workers can be minimized with proper fund management and the use of latest technologies. 


Illegal Mining:

Illegal mining possesses danger to the country’s economy and the safety of people involved. When Indian media busted the illegal mining racket by political bigwigs in Karnataka, the immediate action taken by the Government was to ban mining activities in the state. It was shameful to see all political parties, once enemies now joining hands to save their skin from the shame of corruption. Wasn't the decision to ban mining as hilarious, as to a ban cars just because they caused accidents? And how responsible are we as citizens, who have voted such politicians to power? These are some of the questions we need to ask ourselves before we cast our votes next time around.



Energy and Mining are like the two faces of the same coin. While mining activities require energy to keep its activities running, the same mining activities mine out the sources of energy. Though India is self-sufficient in coal production, it’s high time for Indian mining industry to switch over to non-conventional and renewable sources of energy.




The statistical analysis shows that it’s high time for the Indian Mining industry to wake up to the advancement in the mining sector. The Indian government and political parties need to stop their vote bank politics and concentrate on true development. Funds recovered from illegal mining can be directed towards increasing the safety and standards of living of people working in mines. Mining sector needs to concentrate on inculcating modern techniques, optimal energy utilization and pollution control. The proof is right in front of the people concerned. It’s now left to them, either to accept their failure and work for a better future or to continue in the darkness, even as the world moves ahead.



Though the blog is written as part of a global blog competition, a sincere effort is made to present real time facts about Indian mining. Please like the blog, only if you feel the contents presented makes some true sense.

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