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This is my entry to the SAP Low Code/No Code ChallengeIn this post I share my experience working with SAP AppGyver.

The App
Missing NG
Missing NG is an online database of missing persons in Nigeria where concerned individuals post details of missing persons and also search for loved ones. I have always wanted to build an app for it but could not write a line of code.
With SAP Appgyver Composer Pro, I can use the drag and drop tools to build UI components, etc. What I am grateful for the most is the logic panel where I am able to make the app do exactly what I want without writing a line of code.
I have built the Sign Up and Sign In pages using the Firebase Authentication.
I have built the Navigation using the in-built Navigation.They are Home, Missing, Cadaver, and Me.

Home page displays the list of missing persons. I use the Large Image List Item component to display missing persons details from the database using the Firebase Direct Integration that comes with SAP Appgyver.


Each missing person's full detail is displayed on a Missing Person Details page using a page parameter.

Missing page is where I collect necessary details about missing persons. It allows the user to pick an image from their device and upload along with other details of the missing person. I used a REST API to display a drop-down list of states in Nigeria on this page.

Cadaver page collects details about unclaimed corpses by the roadside, morgues, etc. The page is built almost the same way as Missing page but I only allow users to take photos of the corpse and upload along with the other details. For now, users can still Pick Images from their gallery since the Take Photo flow does not work on desktop and I have not released the native app.

Me page is where I display the user profile and also where the icon to view unclaimed cadavers is hidden.
The web app is live, ready and working fine at Our domain now points to Visitors can report missing persons and unclaimed corpses.

Work in Progress for Future Versions
On the Missing Person Details page that shows full details of the missing person, there are two important buttons there: No and Yes. They are responses to the question: Have you seen this person after they were declared missing?

If Yes is clicked, the app dials the contact of the missing person's next of kin so the current user can immediately give useful information about the missing person.

If No is clicked, it collects the current GPS location of the user. This is done to show on the map that the current missing person has been searched for but not found in that location. This will help volunteers to see where has or has not been searched on the map for each missing person so they will know where to start their own search for the person.

At the moment, the app successfully collects and saves coordinates alone but if I collect UUID and Missing Person document ID along with the coordinates, it gives me an error about not being able to convert values. I know this will be sorted out when I thoroughly comb through the Appgyver forum for people who have solved this issue for themselves.

My Experience
Working with SAP Appgyver has been an exciting experience. It is a no code/low code platform but it teaches one to code or at least understand programming concepts. I say this because programming tutorials I watch now make sense than in the past before I discovered Appgyver. I started using Appgyver in March this year. I've been living under the rock, I know 😁.
The Appgyver YouTube tutorials are great, but are not many enough at the moment that cover many different areas. I would like tutorials on how to use the Embedded Map Component. There is a tutorial on Coordinates in Spanish or Portuguese. That's what I followed to learn how to collect coordinates. I would really love a tutorial that shows how one can collect coordinates and save them into a new data collection in Firebase together with records from another data collection. I would also love tutorials on how absolute nocoders can understand how to use the Appgyver docs. These requests may have obvious solutions but pardon me. I'm a pure blood nocoder 😄.

Thank you SAP Appgyver.
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