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As you well know there is no appropriate BusinessObjects family tool for quick navigation and analysis through big amount of data (3M+) . As it stands now, you may consider following native BusinessObjects applications:

  • Advanced analysis.
    • PROS

there is a possibility of drilling down and creating link at specific drill level to other cube with where condition based on selected objects-it may consists of more conditions

    • CONS

you need multiple cubes with different granularity

you need OLAP source - too much time for developing and maintaining cubes not to mention for some database systems it may require additional cost for olap layer (Teradata)

  • Interactive analysis (WebIntelligence)
    • PROS

you can drill down

you can use input controls (and multiple or combined conditions at once) for restricting data

you can use optional prompts for expanding DB query condition

you dont need olap, you can use relational database

    • CONS

you cannot drill down and querying DB with two or more conditions at once

when drilling, parent is replaced by children which is a little confusing

using input controls is nice, but it does not limit database resultset, all data have to be retrieved before applying =>cannot be used when millions rows are to be analysed

you need prompt for each dimension and all hierarchy levels and user may need only a few (of course you do not know which ones because different users have different requirements).

  • Lumira
    • Sorry,this is for quick visualization. Altough its limits are impressive (15 millions rows for 32bit, 32 millions rows for 64bit version) , you cannot create customizable cross (pivot) tabe like in WebIntelligence and of course retrieving the whole dataset is not desirable not to mention you cannot publish the content in LaunchPad.

If you need quick tool for analysing data just with selecting desired dimensions and measures and drilling down using multiple database query conditions at once on each drill you are out of luck. Yes, you can create another query manually, but this approach is far from three click principle. For now.

In the near future I will inform you about new BusinessObjects tool based on XI 4.1 rest SDK which is focused exactly on quick multiple drildown and analysis on relational data sources on huge amount of data.

In next article I will describe more details about features of this application

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