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Hello everyone! I wanted to share something that might be really useful for both the technical and functional consultants about Smartforms.

The problem we had was, we were having a mirror image preview on a smartform we created a couple of weeks ago which was working absolutely fine on Live System as well as on the Development System.

However, on the Test System with the same smartform, the same shipping document and the same data, it was again previewing the form but this time, as an exact mirror image of the smartform than it should be. (Means the whole content of the form created as left-justified, was previewed as right-justified!)

This is the true form result                                         This is the false (flipped) form result.

We thought about almost all the possibilities on ABAP side, and Basis side with the other developers and consultants since it was looking like it was a "printer" issue.

However what I have found was, it was a language issue on configuration side on print configurations.

Since the printing configuration on module side was created in Arabic language "AR"  by mistake (even though the current customer never uses Arabic), one of our functional consultants changed that language into "AR" so everything on Smartform in QA system was flipping to right-justified. (As you know Arabic is a RTL).

Once we changed the language back into language "EN" everything worked perfectly!

Might be helpful for someone out there.

Have a lovely day!


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