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Minimizing the Impact when BIA is down:

                Whenever the BIA is down, the impact on the business would be high and at times it leads to Crisis. In order to avoid huge impact, here are some tips to mitigate the business. Meanwhile the BIA experts can fix the issue and can resume the BIA Server.

                When the BIA Server is down, Users will not be able to access the reports. Time taken to recover BIA depends upon the No. Of cubes and the dependent objects in the system. By following the below steps, we can minimize the impact.

          1.       Remove Indexes on Queries

          2.       Deactivate the BWA for User community/User

1.    Remove Indexes on Queries:

By removing the Indexes on the Queries, we can still allow the users to access the reports. This will have severe degradation of execution speeds, as no acceleration of execution is available. Hence query response time will be high, but still there will not be any data differences.

Here is the way to deactivate the Indexes on the Queries…

Go to SE16 -> Give the Table Name: RSRREPDIR -> Contents ->

It will show the list of info Cubes, Queries, Indexes Status,…

We need to choose the Query on which we would like to remove the BIA Indexes. From the above screen, we would be able to find the status of the BWA Indexes on the Query.

In order to deactivate the Indexes, we need to maintain the Table “RSRREPDIR”.

Go to RSRREPDIR maintenance (Change) -> for the Field “NOHPA” - > F4 help -> Select “TRUE”.

HPA: High Performance Analytics: - It will increase the read performance of the BI queries on Info Cubes. It enables quick access to any data with a low amount of administrative effort and is especially useful for sophisticated scenarios with unpredictable query types, high data volume and high frequency of queries.

2.  Deactivate the BWA for User community/User :

In  In order to avoid the Impact, we can deactivate the BWA for a selected Use Community or User specifically after informing them the same.       

     Here is the way to deactivate the BWA for the Users..

     For this we have to maintain the User Profile…

     Go to SU01 -> go to maintain user id in the transaction code: SU01

     In the Parameters tab, enter Parameter ID: NO_BIA_USER” and 

     Parameter value: “X”

If Parameter value is “ “ , user can read data from BWA

For Multiple Users also we can deactivate the BIA, this option is available in BW 7.3:

Go to the Program: ZZ_SET_NOBIAPARAM

Enter SAP User ids in the “RANGE”

Set the Parameter value” “X”

In the both of these ways, we can avoid major impact when the BIA is down. BIA can be down due to several reasons, resolution of issues will be issue specific.

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