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Sometimes we may need to get the audit logs from PI/PO system for a particular message in order to deliver that to a non SAP monitoring tool. In the past it was not very easy to get them as you had to build a custom extraction tool like the one shown by maciej.jarecki in this blog: Message details and AuditLog from Java Stack using Custom WebService

As of January this year the standard web service - AdapterMessageMonitoringVi was enhanced a bit for a lof of PI systems (from version 7.1 till 7.31) and not there's a new method of this web service called - getLogEntries. As you may expect you can get the audit log entries using this new method.

Step 1

As an entry parameter you need to put the message key (not message ID) and you can always get it using getMessageList method by providing the message ID.

Fire it up and the result...

...will be the same as with normal monitoring.

For more info please have a look at this OSS NOTE - Note 1814549 - add method to retrieve Audit Log to web service.

Hope with this new feature it will be much easier to build custom monitoring apps for PO/PI systems.

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