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There are many threads on PI forum which end up with a deadlock on how to check if PI system can connect to a specific host/port (for example for SOAP adapter) as the connection is working without any issues on the consultant's computer. If you don't have access to PI server (which is the thing in most cases) you can deal with that in another way - you can create an HTTP destination on PI system and try pinging it from there. Below you will find some info where to create it and how to use it.

Step 1

In NWA -> Configuration -> Infrastructure -> Destinations create a new destination of type HTTP as shown in the Figure below.

Step 2

In the URL for the destination put the URL of the respective service which you want to test and click on ping button to test it.


a) if the connection is successfull you should see the green status of the ping

b) if the ping was fine and system was reached but there might be other issues you will get a different error

c) if the host cannot be resolved something else again

d) if the firewall is blocking the port then you should be able to see an timeout error

Hope this will save some of you some time which you'd need to contact SAP Basis for checking situations like that.

If you have any other ways of checking the same thing please do let me know in comments to this post.

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