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Hello Viewers,

This blog post will gives short details to find the tables available in SAP. There are different methods to  find the tables like F4 Help in  SE11,SE12 SE16, SE16H and SE16N etc... with relevant term in tables name or description.But this blog post will give some more shortcut method  with wider sound in the search item.

There are some three Easy methods to find tables which are available in SAP

1.Based on the search area text

2.Based on the exact search

3.Based on the field name search


By choosing Based on the search area text:

Enter the relevant details which you want search. System will automatically propose the possible tables which are available in the system.

By Choosing Based on the exact search:

Enter the table name as it is in the system.



By Choosing Field search criteria :

Enter the field which you want to search example production order and material documents.This method may helpful to know table linkages with respect to the particular field.

This criteria may be helpful to write the query and write functional specification for reports (Ex.Order ,Material document etc..)


Also you can customize the search criteria by choosing Technical setting (F5)


This helps the functional Consultant to search and get the tables and fields in a lot efficient way and there by saving time and effort. Also to work with the functional specifications, this ensures right tool is used for the tables and fields.


Suggest me in comments if anymore required.


Thanks & Regards,

E.Prasath PP/QM
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