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Updated 02.09.2013 to better explain the data model. Obviously this may apply to other data models.

It seems pretty obvious that following an addition of an infoobject to the compounding tab, it is necssary to adjust the relevant infoproviders and transformations to include the new compounding characteristics.

However, I ran into the following scenario on a BW 7.01 SP 10 system which seems to suggest it is necessary to adjust the Infoproviders/Transformations first, and only then change the compounding tab. As I didn't find mention of this specific case, I thought it might be worth sharing.

I was required to replace the superior infoobject YSUPER with the new infoobject ZSUPER in the infoobject YOBJECT. YOBJECT was included in a loading model which worked as follows:

After replacing YSUPER with ZSUPER in the compounding tab, the DSO and the cube activated as expected after adding ZSUPER into them.

However, the transformations, infoset and infosource all caused a dump with MESSAGE_TYPE_X of type RSQBW upon activation.

What I did at that point was to change the YOBJECT back to the state where it included YSUPER in the compounding tab, and then add ZSUPER to all relevant Infoproviders and transformations. Only then did I replace YSUPER with ZSUPER in the compounding tab. All relevant entities now activated without the dump.

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