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In this blog post, you'll get to know about Message Maintenance (SE91) t-code. Recently, I got to know about Message Maintenance t-code (SE91) and I thought to share this useful information that might help in resolving daily authorization issues.

Have you ever come across an authorization issue, where the user's roles are perfect, but still the user is receiving the error "You're not authorized to..." ?

Message Maintenance (SE91) might turn out to be very useful for you in deep diving to the root cause of the issue.

Message Maintenance

All types of messages which the SAP end user receives are a part of message class. If you've ever noticed an error message, it always comes with a 'Message no. XXXXX123', where XXXXX is the message class and 123 is the message number.

To access Message Maintenance, go to transaction SE91. Here, you can also create your own custom messages by clicking on 'Create' button. But in this blog, we'll learn how to use Message Maintenance as a catalyst in resolving the authorization issues.

How to use Message Maintenance

  1. Go to T-code SE91. Type the message class in the input field.

  2. Type your message number in the number input field.

  3. Click on Display. When you'll click on display, you'll get all the other messages present in the message class along with the message number you've entered.

Here, you can click on that message and click on 'where used list' button, you'll get the list of programs in which that error message is being used.

You can check the 'AUTHORITY-CHECK' statements in that program to find out the missing authorizations.

Usually, developers put useful information in 'comments'. Like, some specific table entries which need to be filled to pass the authority check or some other conditions. This has literally helped me in resolving some of the authorization issues.


I hope this tool will help you in some of your daily tasks!

Thank You!
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